Safety of workers refers to the provision of a safe working environment, safe equipment, and comprehensive policies and procedures in order to ensure all workers safety.

Adhering to an effective workplace safety plan can significantly improve employees’ health and wellbeing. It can also result in fewer occupational health costs, impact your company’s reputation, result in less re-training time, and promote higher employee retention and satisfaction. 

We can offer the following safety services:  

Safety Programs

Through our experience across multiple industries, we have the skills to assist companies in the development of safety programs. This includes looking at your current programs and identifying gaps or needs in the systems. We can also help companies prepare for and complete COR Audits for certifying partners in British Columbia. Upon completion, we can support cultural change and worker buy-in to the programs including training of workers and supervisors in adherence to the regulatory and company requirements.

Safety Training

We develop paper, in person, and digital training programs to support workers, supervisors, and managers. We have an extensive list of pre-built safety programs and the expertise to custom build programs to suit your needs. We can also administer regulatory required training such as JOHS Committee training, incident investigation, and can improve your current systems to support ease of learning for workers.

Program Support

We can build site-specific and project-specific safety plans for the next big project, from simple to elaborate based on customer requirements. We can also provide on-site safety coordinators, along with administrative support to ensure compliance with regulatory and client requirements. We have the personnel to complete field inspections and Field Level Risk Assessments in regards to incident investigation and injury management support.