Forest Inventory & Valuation

We are the largest timber cruising team in coastal BC. Our expert team is adept at all areas of operational timber cruising, valuation, planning and resource inventory across a myriad of natural resource sectors. Our ability to work both internally, assisting Strategic in ongoing projects, as well as directly for clients in various capacities, gives us a thorough understanding of what is happening “on the ground.”

Operational Timber Evaluation

  • Operational appraisal timber cruising
  • Call-Grading and Net-Factoring (CGNF)
  • Client call-grading, user-sorts and valuations
  • Compilations and analysis
  • Private land timber valuations
  • Cruise Plan development & submission
  • Stratum identification and delineation
  • Preparation of data for compilation for Cutting Permit submissions

Resource Inventory Cruising

  • Enhanced Forest inventory (EFI) using LiDAR
  • Vegetation Resource Inventory (VRI)
  • Cutting Permit appraisal cruising
  • Waste and residue
  • Biomass analysis & quantification