Urban Forestry and Environmental Services

For over a decade SNRC has been providing Urban Forestry & Environmental services in the urban environment. Our team of natural resource professionals includes ISA Certified Arborists, Registered Professional Foresters/Technicians, and Registered Professional Biologists/Technologists who are all committed to long-term professional growth and development.

Supported by GIS services, remotely piloted aircraft systems, project managers, and the rest of our highly skilled team, we are dedicated to providing a wide suite of services which are forward-thinking and cost effective.

The synthesis of skills and capacity has positioned SNRC as an industry leader in providing a wide range of urban forestry and environmental services on Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast. Working with a variety of clients including developers, municipalities, and private landowners, we have seen great benefits in this combined approach of natural resource professionals. This integrated approach ensures that all project components are coordinated and well thought out, operating with synergies instead of silos. Moving forward with this integrated environmental management approach positions us to help clients achieve their project goals and maintains healthy relationships among stakeholders, while supporting the broader success of companies and communities.

Urban Forestry

Urban forestry is the management of green space within city limits. Urban forests are dynamic environments which are faced with numerous challenges ranging from municipal development conflicts to threats posed by wildfire and climate change. Our team has extensive expertise in forest management, arboriculture, environmental services, and supporting GIS services (Lidar, remote sensing, mapping) to meet the demands of any client.


  • Infrastructure/tree conflict consultation
  • Tree preservation
  • Urban Wetland assessments
  • Tree risk assessment
  • Construction impact analysis
  • Riparian Areas Regulation
  • Re-vegetation plans
  • Rare and threatened ecological plant community assessments
  • First Nations consultation
  • Working with developers
  • Monitoring

Related Services


Arboriculture involves the cultivation and management of trees and shrubs. Arboriculture is a complex process and requires skilled professionals. Our experienced team of Registered Professional Foresters and ISA Certified Arborists can offer solutions to a wide range of issues within the urban forest environment and provide superior customer service to meet the requirements of a range of clients (municipalities, developers, home owners) and project types.


  • Tree inventory and assessment
  • Tree protection
  • Professional reporting
  • Bylaw interpretation
  • Windthrow assessments
  • Tree species recommendation and planting
  • Tree Risk management
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Hydro-vac monitoring
  • Expert witness testimonials
  • Tree valuation

Environmental Monitoring and Assessments

Proper environmental management is paramount to ensure that the ecosystems around our communities balance social, environmental, and economic values. Our team has worked with a variety of clients in urban forests as well as traditional forest licensees to ensure the they meet all legal requirements set by local, provincial, and federal governments.  We have the capacity and flexibility to meet the needs of any client and we provide a wide range of environmental services.

  • Riparian and stream assessments
  • Fish habitat assessments and sampling
  • Environmental management plans
  • Erosion and sediment controls plans and monitoring
  • Consultation on permitting and applications
  • Phase 1 environmental impact assessments
  • Consultation with local governments
  • Consulting relevant legislation
  • Bio-inventory (Broad environmental assessments
  • Bird and nesting surveys

Urban Interface Wildfire Management

The threat posed by wildfires to communities and vital infrastructure is a growing challenge. Our team has a diverse background in all aspects of wildfire management, management strategies, and first-hand experience working on wildfires. We adapt to the dynamic challenges posed by wildfires in an ever-changing environment. We have completed a wide range of projects in wildfire mitigation and planning. We embrace new wildfire science and our staff receives ongoing training and skills development, positioning us at the forefront of wildfire management.

  • Community Wildfire Protection Plans
  • Wildfire Threat Assessments
  • Wildfire Prevention Plans for industry
  • (subdivisions, individual buildings, pre-development phases)
  • Fuel Management Prescriptions
  • FireSmart community information sessions
  • FireSmart municipal staff information sessions
  • FireSmart Community Assessments
  • FireSmart Home Assessments
  • Consultation on wildfire behaviour