Emergency Response Management

We are risk management experts. We specialize in wildland fire suppression, flood control, oil spill response, and other natural resource incidents. We can deliver training to organizations to prevent natural resource disasters before they start, or control incidents that have already occurred. Our crews are highly trained experts in the field, proficient with state-of-the art suppression and management equipment.

Wildfire Suppression

We can provide initial attack and sustained action crews (Type 2 and Type 3) suppression equipment and structural protection units, rotary wing infrared scanning & mapping, wildfire hotspot mapping, and first aid attendants with mobile treatment centers.

Emergency Spill Response

This can include: Incident Command Structure (ICS), Shoreline Cleanup and Assessment Techniques (SCAT), site assessments and monitoring programs, communication and mapping platforms, RPAS, SCAT support, RPAS spill tracking & reconnaissance.

Wildfire Training

Fire management techniques are constantly changing with new science and advances in technology. We offer top of the line training for wildfire crews and general prevention training for additional personnel.

Incident Command System

We provide training as well as on the ground support via first responders, safety officers, and planning & logistics crews.

Flood Response

We can deliver hydrologic assessments, emergency preparedness education and training, flood fight training, and emergency response services.