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 As one of the largest natural resource consultancies in BC, our technically skilled team of experts are leaders in resource and land management, professional forestry, construction support services, environmental science, geomatics, and remote site project development. In 2022, our longtime client the Ehattesaht Chinehkint First Nation joined us as a majority owner, and their leadership guides us in a responsibility to respect the interconnectivity of the land and water that we work within.

Our mission is to deliver responsive execution of technical expertise to our valued clients, to provide a safe and positive work environment, and to lead by fostering prosperity in our communities. 

What started as a small crew specializing in Basic Field Engineering and Timber Development twenty years ago has evolved into an industry-renowned west coast consultancy employing 100+ people in multiple communities. Today we have contracts in Forestry, Energy, Remediation, Silviculture, Mining, Environment & Biological, Transportation, Spill Response, and Wildfire.

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SNRC is proud to have the Ehattesaht Chinehkint First Nation as our majority shareholder, with the balance being held by our founder and employees. We encourage and welcome people of all backgrounds to become a part of our family as we grow opportunities for our staff and the Nation’s membership to find meaningful careers in a supportive community. 

We are always looking for skilled, adaptable, and enthusiastic team players to add to our rapidly growing team of natural resource professionals. As a company, we provide an anchored environment for technical professionals to expand and build dynamic careers as natural resource consultants. We adhere to a “People First” philosophy and empower a passionate, engaged, and technical workforce.


We’ve earned a steadfast reputation as industry leaders in the forestry community and beyond. Our teams excel at risk management; solving complex problems across a range of sectors using resource management as our foundation.

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