Urban Forestry & Environmental Services

Urban forests, wetlands, parks, and other green spaces are integral in managing heat domes, providing biodiversity, mitigating wildfires, and more.

For over a decade we have been implementing Urban Forestry & Environmental services in cities and towns across Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast. Our comprehensive suite of services is delivered by our team of certified foresters, biologists, engineers, arborists, and project managers.

We work to solve multi-disciplinary challenges in tandem with developers, municipalities, and private landowners that will result in habitable, sustainable, and balanced communities.

Urban Interface Wildfire Management

The threat posed by wildfires to communities is a growing challenge. With the latest wildfire science, extensive front line experience, and the highest level of training and skills development – we’re at the forefront of wildfire response. Specific services include: consultation on wildfire behaviour, community wildfire resiliency plans, wildfire threat assessments, wildfire prevention plans for industry, fuel management prescriptions, FireSmart community, municipal, and home information sessions / assessments.


Our experienced team of ISA Certified Arborists are skilled in the cultivation of complex green spaces. We offer tree inventory and assessment, tree protection, professional reporting, bylaw interpretation, windthrow assessments, tree species recommendation and planting, tree risk management, environmental monitoring, hydro-vac monitoring, expert witness testimonials, and tree valuation.

Urban Forestry

Urban forests face numerous challenges ranging from municipal development conflicts to threats posed by wildfire and climate change. Services we provide include infrastructure/tree conflict consultation, tree preservation, urban wetland assessments, tree risk assessments, construction impact analysis, riparian area regulation, re-vegetation plans, and threatened ecological plant community assessments. We can also facilitate First Nations consultation, liaise with developers, and perform monitoring services.