Environmental / Biology

By land, water, and sea – we have the capacity to analyze complex biological issues and develop sustainable solutions. Our department comprises freshwater fisheries, terrestrial wildlife, marine divisions, and environmental consulting services.

Resource Assessments

Achieved through ecosystem assessment, environmental monitoring, erosion and sediment control planning, Bathymetric mapping, project implementation, and feasibility studies.

Environmental Monitoring & Assessments

We can do riparian and stream assessments, bird nesting surveys, fish habitat assessments, environmental management plans, and other bio inventories. We also offer consultation on permitting and applications, Phase 1 environmental impact assessments, and consultation with local governments.


Our specialization of hydrogeology plays a key role in many sectors. From groundwater supply to rain water infiltration, our groundwater group brings expertise and practical know-how to this valuable shared resource.

Services include aquifer protection plans and pumping tests, well design, well yield assessment rehabilitation, storm water infiltration, and ground disposal of wastewater.

Riparian Areas Protection Regulations (RAPR)

These assessments are undertaken to help maintain stream health, fish population, and productivity of the stream’s ecosystem by determining the Streamside Protection and Enhancement Area.