“Brookfield is delighted to announce the completion of the Kokish River projects and would like to thank our partners, the Namgis First Nation, as well as our employees, contractors and neighbours for their efforts and support during construction and towards the achievement of this important milestone.”
– Richard Legault, President and CEO, Brookfield Renewable Power Inc.

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Kokish River Power Project

Site Restoration and Revegetation


Our team provided an in-depth analysis of the ecology and pre-disturbance conditions of spoil sites, lay-down locations and right-of-way areas associated with the development of a hydroelectric run-of-the-river project on the Kokish River on Northern Vancouver Island. We identified past silviculture treatments, soil types and previous stand conditions affected by industrial disturbance and designed a rehabilitation plan to restore the ecological integrity of the affected area and to mitigate the introduction and spread of invasive plant species as the ecosystems are being re-established.


  • Kwagis Power Limited Partnership
  • Brookfield Renewable Power Inc.
  • Peter Kiewit Infrastructure Co.

Challange & Solution

An intake, a power house and 10 km of penstock = large scale disturbance —»– Thorough Recce and ecosystem classification
Re-establishing Forests on severely degraded sites —»– Knowledge, Experience and Passion
Long-Term Project —»– Detailed Analysis and Careful Planning

Key Metrics

Owner: Kwagis Power Limited Partnership
Builder: Peter Kiewit Infrastructure Co.
Project: 45 MW run of River power project along 10 km of the Kokish River. This site will power 13,000 homes
Location: Northern end of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
Project Value: $400M


  • Ecosystem Classification
  • Critical silvics and ecologically appropriate species selection
  • Soil surveys, soil amendment recommendations
  • Invasive Species Mitigation
  • Mapping and GIS services
  • Fertilizing, brushing
  • Monitoring
  • Silviculture surveys, analysis and expert recommendations